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02/07/2013 On the 09/07/2013 the Dover Steam Ship Company will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting at the Dover Town Council chambers. Please arrive at 19:15 for a 19:30 start. Anyone with a genuine interest in saving the vessel is welcome to attend.

23/03/2012 TSS Dover/Tuxedo Royale is in the media spotlight again, this time the BBC’s One Show is carrying a piece on the vessel early next week.

04/03/2012 The TSS Dover AKA Tuxedo Royale is back in the media again. We were recently contacted by Jon Ronson, a journalist from the Guardian who wanted to write a piece on the vessel. And what a piece he’s written, it’s a well written double page spread and has input from Richard Moffatt and John Coates with images by Nathan Hobday.

01/09/2011 Here are the very latest photos( early September '11) from the camera of  our Teeside Director John Coates. You will see that Dover/Tux is bearing up quite well in the circumstances.The recent spring tides have also given John the chance of examining the likely cause of the sinking. John was chief engineer on the vessel during her night club days when moored  in Middlehaven Dock. He would like to hear from anyone who would like to help locally with the project, especially those living in the North  East. We still await the attendance of the MOD salvage and marine team  to make their initial assessment and decisions regarding her refloating and removal to safe haven. We hope that they will be able to make their  inspection by early October’ 11

02 & 03/07/2011 Members of the Dover Steam Ship committee manned the publicity stand at the Dover Regatta. The event was blessed with beautiful weather which brought out the crowds. There was a wide range of events and activities including dragon boat racing, air sea rescue displays and Newfoundland rescue dogs. The event was an overwhelming success for the Steam Ship company, we gained new members and tried out a tombola and lucky dip. Over the two days the event raised over £140. 

04/05/2011 News we didn’t want at all! It would seem that someone has been fiddling with the Dover and whatever it is they’ve done has meant that the vessel has taken on sufficient water that the vessel is now sat on the bed of the river Tees and has taken on a list to starboard. The good news, if it can be described as good news is that she can’t come to any harm like this. The vessels plight was noticed by eagle eyed photographer, Dave Fogerty an offshore oil worker from Morecombe.

This is not the first time that the Dover has had unwanted guests; during Neil and Richard’s visit back in January, there was evidence that somebody had been stripping out some of the copper wiring. Richard has had conversations with Able U.K., and they are confident that the ingress of water is not a major problem and are hopeful that pumping operations will commence soon. For pictures, they can be found here As always, when we get any updates we’ll let you know either by facebook or the website.

13/03/2011 Members of the Dover Steamship Company attended the Travel and Leisure show held at Terminal 2 of the Cruise Terminal in Dover’s Western Dock. We had many enquiries about the TSS Dover and sold some of our newly acquired stock. We also met former crew members of the Dover and passengers who travelled extensively on the vessel including one gentleman, a long distance lorry driver who recalled the loading procedure for trucks.

24/02/2011 Tonight uploaded some photo’s of the Tuxedo Royale as she is now but we need more photo’s to bring the site alive, so come on, look in your photo albums and send those photo’s in. Also if anyone has anecdotes or stories about or involving the TSS Dover/Earl Siward let us know so that we can tell the story.

13/02/2011 The web site goes live.

12/02/2011 Further to the recent news of the formation of our group in an effort to save the TSS Dover from the breakers a meeting was held last Tuesday (08/02/2011) at the Kings Hall in Dover attended by over 50 locals drawn from the ranks of ex-ferrymen, steam ship preservationists, local dignitaries including the Mayor of Dover and interested townspeople.

‘I was very heartened by both the number and the quality of those who attended’ said Richard Moffatt, prime mover of the group. “We had several retired Ferry Chief Engineers and deck officers, all willing to offer their advice and help and many who had actually worked on board the ship in her heyday.”

During the meeting an association was founded out of which a committee was formed which will meet on fortnightly basis. “We are looking at a total of £250,000 to purchase and repatriate her to Kent” commented Richard. After this the plan is to investigate  the instatement of the vessel as a seasonal seagoing coastal cruiser, utilizing the skills and talents of local workers with the emphasis on training youngsters in these fast disappearing trades. There also exists the alternative of restoration as a static museum /exhibition/training ship which will command similar skills.

Once acquired, the cost to fully restore the ship to operational condition has been estimated at a cool £14 million and most importantly the search is now on to provide a berth in Kent, preferably Dover.

Urgently required are even more interested people to join the group to save this inspirational, last surviving icon of the classic steam ferry age from the breakers. Anyone who would like further information or would like to join the Dover Steamship Company is asked to contact Andy MacLean at 01227 732414 or log on to our temporary web site at for membership details.